May 13’s ‘Mafundi’ was a bit off but Phapha’s humour saved the day

 This week was Phapha could have easily bagged the MVP of the week.  He constantly kept the story alive and he made sure that things are going on smoothly and well. His character this week kind of made the show a bit easy to watch. I am not saying other characters are not good at this also but he did an outstanding job in the process.

The show piggy backed on World Yoga Day and who better to teach it than Madam Diplomat played by Maya Koikal. She came through and made the show an interesting show to watch. This week she chose to come and do it Mafundi’s shop. Though I found it a bit uncouth and unethical provided the many electrical and wooden supplies that the shop has who would have thought it would be a yoga place anyway. She manages to rope in Phapha to do some positions and breathe in and out.

Meanwhile The Tima and Phapha get into it in this week’s show. The introduction to this week’s show was a bit funny (it was a bit off topic but regardless). It was funny with Phapha hitting out at The Tima for being too skinny and feeling himself after carrying a microwave to come and fix it in the shop. Soon as Phapha is done with his jokes and boasts of how his stomach can fill Jubilee’s promised 5 stadiums The Tima serves him a bit of his own medicine by telling him “Tumbo yako ni Kubwa juu ya zile shida bibi yako hukulisha” Loosely translating to he is fat because he eats a lot of his wife’s problems

A lady comes in speaking perfect Swahili and is looking for someone who can fix a tanuri ya miale loosely translating to a microwave. She surprises Phapha and the rest more so Phapha because he thinks she wants mishale (arrows). Turns out The Tima’s prop during the intro came in handy. They go to her home where they learn that she is working in Kenya for 3 months and is from Tanzania. (What’s with the show and Tanzanian’s though you guys remember Phapha’s friend Ali?)

My rating

I think the show is largely kept alive with the fact that The Tima will never be good at his job and Phapha’s really funny accent and his largely funny answers which are always off the topic being discussed. However this week’s show was a bit unfeeling and didn’t really check all the boxes. The show’s creators need to work on an all balanced show that appeals emotionally and professionally.


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