Chiku’s miscarriage was a good twist but…

Chiku just lost her child thanks to Camilla (can we say the purge has begun?). Camilla pushed Chiku last week after a heated argument and now well Chiku is basically back to square one with no child. This makes things complicated for her and Mosi. If she is not pregnant what happens then? Will Zane find it as a reason to divorce her? What happens to their stay at the Malkia Fay mansion?

Mosi is pretty insistent on Chiku lying that the baby and her are okay. She has a plan to keep the truth far away from Zane. This plan is to try and convince the doctor to lie about the state of Chiku and her family. The doctor obviously doesn’t want to lie about it and offers not to talk so long as he doesn’t see Zane.

Meanwhile Alpha shamelessly shows up at the hospital and tries to offer solace. He gets on the receiving end of both Chiku and Mosi’s anger. Mosi is real mad at Alpha and Camilla and threatens to beat up Camilla if she shows up at the mansion again. Chiku on the other hand learns that Alpha is planning to marry Camilla which is really adding to her problems she still loves Alpha and is trying to get back with him. She is still married but she doesn’t let the small details bother her that much.

Choka on the other hand is starting to prepare for battle with Malkia Fay. He meets with his lawyer Shebe who has officially instituted the plan. What is the plan? Will Choka and his daughter join forces will they pursue revenge on their own? These are some of the things that I am waiting to see but the main thing is what will be reaction of Malkia Fay’s family when they find out the family of Choka is around and is baying for blood.

Meanwhile Bobo and Binti are still arguing like lovers. Binti has someone pursuing him and he is rich, really rich. She at refuses his approaches but when she sees Bobo she changes and immediately wants to make him feel jealous. She is really a spiteful person who will stop at nothing and obviously Bobo seems interested but well we do not know what he wants.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 8/10. It is really those shows not to write home about. The show threw a bombshell twist but then seems to want to play safe with it. Why not let Zane know so as to get his reactions on this. It is prolonging a show and adding so many twists that makes us wonder why the producers want to prolong the show.


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