Mafundi May 20 Tatiana and Pato fight; Phapha gets a surprise marriage proposal

This week Mafundi kicked off with a very interesting introduction. Ronado has joint a church, well a dubious church according to me. So he goes around Phapha’s tools praying for everything that he sees moving around. Phapha interrupts him and starts lecturing him about him being jobless and eating his kid’s food (this guy can humiliate you).

Meanwhile Sue calls Phapha about a client who wants her seats fixed. He goes there and realizes it’s his childhood sweetheart Lillian. Turns out, Lillian is a very big business woman in the city. She is making it big in the city. They reminisce about the past and Ronado is brought in by Phapha who wants him to see his childhood sweetheart.

As he goes on fixing her seat Lillian comes in with a juice. Turns out she has hidden a ring down there. Phapha is surprised and decides to tell her that he will think about it. Well we do not know if he will.

The tima on the hand is placed between a rock and a hard place as he has to choose between Tatiana (his girlfriend) and Pato (his best friend and roommate). Pato is not happy with the dynamic that Tatiana has brought in now that she is living with them. The tima tries to calm the pressures down and subconsciously floats the idea of a mchongoano competition. They seem to agree about it and they bet that whoever loses has to leave the house for good.

The Tima talks them both of this ledge and gets them to calm down. Things get calm and then Pato accidentally trips Tatiana and then asks her how she is a bus conductor if she can’t keep balance. This trigger’s back the mchongoano face off and they both set up and practice for it.

Phapha on the other hand comes back and agrees to marry Lillian. When Ronado points out about Mama Kenania Lillian shouts at him and tells him to keep quiet. Phapha is constantly afraid of his wife I’d love to see how this goes if Mama Kenania finds out. However when Lillian presents him with a prenuptial agreement; he decides not to go through with the marriage. This is because Lillian is super rich and also she seems cautious about marrying him. (PS To producers if you read this please make Lillian come back on this matter still the pestering would make a good storyline)

The Tima moderates the mchongoano competition. Pato confident in his skills wins the first round. However Tatiana steals Pato’s book of jokes and turns it around him. Making her win the second round and eventually winning. Which means Pato is homeless. Well we don’t know if the producers will go through with that in the story line.

My rating

I think the whole story line is good this week. They managed to blend in business and pleasure pretty well this week. The jokes were good not too good but good. The mchongoano session was revolutionary for me because we see this on comedy shows but we never see such face off’s that much.  I give the show a rating of 6/10.


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