Aziza May 22: Could Choka save Bella from Camilla?

So Choka’s plan is finally in motion. We do not actually know what it will do but it will happen soon. His plan however has one defect, his daughter, Camilla. See before he was brought into the picture we actually had someone who wanted to take down Fay and her family all together but he seems to be a bigger protagonist with more clout for revenge.

He overhears a conversation between his wife and Camilla about what she did at the residence of Malkia Fay and how she pushed Chiku. At first her mother is worried it might hurt the plan but then again it was an “an accident” which makes it hard for her to be arrested. Her plan seems to hurt the entire family but her father wants to put the brakes on that. When he confronts his wife she dares him to tell his children he is alive. She manages to calm him down and let Camilla go on with his plan.

Aziza on the other hand is still in the dark about her sister and the loss of her child. Alpha texts her and reveals the news. That instant Dizo walks in and tells her of their performance and the clothes he has bought. She however cannot concentrate on the job at hand which is writing a song. When Dizo asks her about it and talks to her they agree that she works on the song and she won’t visit her sister. After all she has not been in her life for a long time now and it is good riddance.

Meanwhile Lisa on the other hand is still hounding Alpha to get her an I pad or she will reveal everything. However Alpha is finding small ways to put her in her place. This week he makes her mother shout at her for being clumsy.

On the other hand Choka visits her daughter, Bella and asks how she is. He does it in secrecy and leaves when his wife comes to check on her. He definitely does not trust Camilla or her mother with her daughter but what will he do?

My rating

 I give this week’s episode a rating of 9/10. The show is good and it makes an interesting watch. Definitely the storyline has stopped stagnating on Chiku and her pregnancy and moved on to other characters that are in the bigger scheme. However the fact that Malkia Fay is seeing everything coming makes me worry if the end will be any interesting? What is she planning?


Categories: Drama

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