Is TRHK focusing too much on Shiti, Crotus and Nkirote?

Its official Nkirote wants Crotus back, which is really weird. See few weeks ago she left him and decided she was not ready for marriage right? Then she came back to Kawangware and is staying with Awiti. She tells Awiti that she really wants Crotus back. Awiti gases up Nkirote to go to his house and take his man back. She does not know it is part of her grand plan with Shipira (poor girl).

Nkirote goes to Crotus’s house and finds a woman staying there. They get into an argument leading to a fight. The fight is vicious and clearly Nkirote is not in any mood for nonsense and finding some lady in her man’s house is just not helping ticking the box of peaceful good lady today. Crotus comes in and separates the two with a lot of difficulty. Once he manages to get both of them outside the house he gets Michi to throw them out. The whole thing was TV gold they are those fights you watch in your plot once in a while, when the neighbors are in a fighty moody.

Meanwhile Shiti is done with coning people and goes back to being the oligarch who operates a music business empire (well sort of). He holds auditions for new acts. The auditions are for Talanta Mtaani a show he hosted in real life. He pulls a Judge Ian on almost all the contestants, he tears into all the contestants today. A rapper who calls himself Crazy Jones who is torn into by for his lack of flow and bad skills find himself first on the wrath of Shiti. All his contestants definitely have something wrong with themselves which makes Shiti want to get rid of all them.  

Shipira comes back and finds Awiti and she tells her that their grand master plan is working. Shipira laughs because she now knows the ground is clear and he can do anything. Awiti now wants her job back which proves to be a bit of a hard thing for Shipira because she had “retrenched” her.

My rating

The show is struggling to reinvent itself or doing nothing really to change and switch it up. The show is just relying on Shiti’s humor and Nkirote and Crotus’ love triangle. The show needs to check on its creative process and maximize on all its characters. Nyambega can really do a good job together with Njambi they can create a love hate relationship between the two. I give this week’s show a rating of 7/10.


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