Mafundi’s choice of a Celebrity was good but then there was a story problem

This week it Mafundi tried to put celebrities into the conversation. Kenyans have a different view of celebrities. Of course they are not followed by paparazzi everywhere; however they do get the celebrity status and people do stop them on the street to just say hi and Mafundi tried to put this into perspective.

The guest star was Anto Neo Soul who appeared as himself. He walks into Mafundi shop and everyone but Phapha recognize him. They ogle at him and try to gas him up, well apart from Phapha who thinks he is some mugithi musician who plays at Ibiza. He constantly harasses him and tries to paint him as a very bad musician who does not show up on time and is arrogant and yet he expects Kenyans to listen to his music.

Anyway so Anto needs his toilet and blender fixed and so he goes to Mafundi to find someone to help him. Pato and The Tima are obviously good for the job and Sue who has a tiny little crush on him and he feels her so he invites her to chill.  

Now that we have established the show is largely built on the premise that the fundis constantly have bad luck. (If you haven’t noticed by now) Phapha and Kigo plan to short change The Tima and Pato on the job they just got.  They make them believe celebs do not actually pay for their services and that they will just end up regretting it. Pato and The Tima blindly give them their tools not knowing that they have been played, big time by the way.

Here is where the story gets confusing, see a few minutes after Phapha and Kigo go to Anto’s house they realize they have been short changed. They go to check for their tools but do not find them and think they have evil spirits. To be fair they are shoddy fundis sometimes I wouldn’t blame them for thinking that.

Meanwhile Phapha and Kigo cannot figure anything about fixing a toilet and fixing a blender at all. They mess up things and at some point think of calling The Tima and Pato. Kigo splashes water all over the bathroom and Phapha cannot figure out what to open which is just funny. Anto Neo Soul kicks both of them out.

My rating

So here is the story problem, Pato and Kigo cannot figure which is which, they have been played or have evil spirits. The latter appearing to be like a feeler to actually fit in the shows 35 minute slots it takes up. They then come to know that they were played again which makes it confusing, so did they figure it out the first time or not.  I give this week’s show a rating of 6/10 it tried discussing celebrities and backstabbing with friends two good themes but ended up with a glaring story problem.  


Categories: Comedy, Mafundi, TV Reviews

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