Mafundi is building itself on society clichés it’s a good and bad thing

Mafundi kicked off with Phapha getting a call from his son Kenania who is in boarding school. He wants to get some money for sports and that he needs for a dichotumus key, chlorophyll and Photosythesis. Now guys tell these stories and they are reflected in memes as the show tried to appeal to some of its audience about the things they used to lie to their parents about.

Now the show is largely interesting on building some form of memories around it. However this can prove a bit fatal to the whole thing. Due to the fact that the show is shot a bit earlier than before it can get a bit tricky for them to actually try and get what the public mood is actually like. It can in the end back fire for them. The scene was funny if you thought about it really but then again was it?

Again the show also capitalized on something that usually happens in relationships. The impact of social media and how it can affect your relationship was a largely talked about theme in this week’s show. Tatiana is mad and seething after finding out that Nancy (The Tima’s ex). She starts shouting at The Tima and before we know it she is packing her bags ready to leave the place. When her sister gets into the house she decides to play it all good.

At first The Tima is good with playing the happy couple with Tatiana’s sister almost believing anything it. She spots the suitcase and when she asks about it The Tima breaks down and tells her the truth. She offers to help The Tima win back Tatiana by helping him cook her favorite meal.

Meanwhile actor Annstella Karimi made a special appearance to the show as Anastasia. She heads a firm called get this “Proffessional Mourners Association”. She calls Phapha about coming to fix her cabinets and Pato to fix the sink. They are interested in the business and want to be mourners when they audition, they almost get the job. However the two mess up by trying to open a professional mourners business also. This forces Anastasia to not hire them and refuses to give Phapha the job he had been hired to do.

My rating

The show this week was entertaining. It builds itself on what happens in society and jokes you see on memes and internet jokes. It is a good thing and at the same time it makes the writers of the show look lazy as they are not sourcing their own creativity to actually make the show interesting. It actually looks reactionary rather than proactive.


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