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Hapo kesho katika kipindi chako pendwa

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Rashid continues to terrorize Alpha and Mosi because he knows their secrets. Funny thing is Alpha does not not really know how to pull the plug on Rashid. He is faced with threats from two members of the family who keep on haunting him and make him so uneasy that he has to make up a way to not stay in the house that much. His argument with Rashid proved two things; Rashid knows the whole truth and may either want to play ball so that his daughter can continue living there or wants something and he wants to get something off from Alpha.

Meanwhile Aziza and Dizo make some money off their new songs(really not that new because they are using some old songs from Sanaipei Tande). This week a lady gives them a huge amount of money and leaves and Aziza and Dizo are surprised. However this week there was a twist. As they head home the run into a lady who is drunk and is robbed off her phone and bag as she heads home. Aziza and Dizo try running after the thieves but they are long gone after. They get her home safe and sound.

This lady actor now seems to be one of the few people who will be shaping Aziza’s singing career. She has a background in music and this is realized when Aziza stumbles into her music room. She has a background in singing and this makes it a very interesting twist to the show. It makes you wonder what the new plot is when it comes to this. Though her name is not yet known she has proven to be a very feisty woman who can be very dangerous.

Camilla on the other hand may not know it but it seems like there is something cooking as Bella is now recuperating.  She does not know this but her father is onto her which will make things harder for her. She has always wanted her sister’s spotlight and now that she is getting it she is slipping in her devious ways.

Bobo on the other hand reminisces about Binti and how she revealed his feelings to her. This proves rather a good flash back when Bobo and Aziza were hitting on each other and before Zane came into the picture. It makes things very spicy as Bobo promises to get back Aziza.

My rating

The show is proving to take so many meanders to get to where it is with so many plot twists coming in here and there. The show continues to pursue the theme of revenge and Aziza’s music career and tries to make it as interesting as possible. I give the show a rating of 9/10.   


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