My Two Wives 6 June: Toni as 99 problems and Zack is one of them now

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Hapo kesho katika kipindi chako pendwa

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Toni is in big big trouble. Now here is the thing, she borrowed some money from a shylock, 100,000 to be exact. This is such a huge amount that she couldn’t seem to pay off and when she goes to the shylock to get the deadline extended the guy locks her up in a boot. Who goes to a shylock for an extension on a deadline those guys do not joke.

Anyway Zack is all freaked out and calls Monique so that she can help him track where his wife could be. When she comes home he starts confiding on her that maybe just maybe Toni is cheating on her. Monique tries her best to calm him down and tell him that is not the case and how she loves him. At that moment Toni walks in all haggard and she cooks up a story about being mugged. Zack in his loving and caring manner believes her. She comes clean to Monique who almost beats her up for lying and taking a loan from a shylock. Who could blame her anyway? The cardinal rule is do not borrow from the shylock if you cannot pay.

Zack and Martin go to the shylock to find out what exactly he does. They go in as detectives and all starts going well until the shylock proves to be one tough cookie and tells them off. This makes Zack blow the lead on their cover and the two are beaten up by the shylocks goon. It was very comical how the goon bullies both Martin and Zack at the same time by knocking their heads together.

Martin learns that his boss Harvey is dating Monique. The two are hitting it off and they are doing well but Monique is skeptical about the whole thing. Martin goes and talks to Monique. Can I just say I love the way he goes into her house and just sits there waiting for Monique. The two talk and she agrees to invite Harvey for dinner after realizing he is rich.

At dinner Zack is continuously annoying to everyone. Who could blame him he killed a lion? (I know the lies people tell.) Once the dinner is over Monique is more in love with Harvey and Zack is not surprised because she loves men who are younger than her a lot. When he confesses to Toni about a big oil client she acts all extra and leaves the bedroom for him and even promises to wake him up. However she wakes up late and when Zack goes to the parking lot he cannot find any of their cars and he comes back freaked out.

My rating

The show is obviously keeping its writing skills on top notch level. The comedy is mild but really funny and creative. It capitalizes on the characters and barely delves into what is currently trending. The story is also riveting making is very interesting. I give this week’s episode a rating of 9/10.


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