So what next for The Trend?

By Tonny Brian The Trend has been a very fascinating and lively show to watch since Larry Madowo took over from James Smart. The show experienced a magical transformation from a political show to a lively news magazine show. Not all shows in the country have been able […]

This is the Nasa petition and all the important affidavits you should read

Main petition   Raila Odinga’s affidavit Kalonzo Musyoka’s affidavit George Kegoro’s affidavit Nyangasi Oduwo’s affidavit 1 Nyangasi Oduwo’s further affidavit Wamuru’s affidavit Ole Kina’s affidavit Ogla Karani’s affidavit Mohamed Barre Affidavit Koitamet ole Kina’s affidavit Ibrahim Mohamud’s affidavit Godfrey Osotsi’s affidavit 1 Godfrey Osotsi’s affidavit 2 Dancun Anunda’s affidavit […]